Hitler’s Supercars 2020

This is the story of engineering, Grand Prix car racing and Nazi propaganda. Plus a rivalry that left one of Nazi Germany's best racing drivers dead, and a speed record that stood for 79 years.

Category: Documentary

Stars: Andrew Scarborough

7.5 IMDB Rating 122 Views
Waikiki 2020

When a hula dancer on the run crashes into a broken spirit of a man, they begin a journey into a hidden world, developing a connection through humanity, nature, and culture.

Category: Drama

Stars: Peter Shinkoda, Danielle Zalopany, Jason Quinn

7.7 IMDB Rating 107 Views
Countdown to Surrender – The Last 100 Days 2020

The last 100 days of World War ll are under the spotlight in the 3-parter Countdown to Surrender. It recounts crucial milestones in the last days of the Third Reich and its steady decline towards the inevitable capitulation. Major events provide the context for more intimate and personal fates and give real insight into life at the cutting edge of history.

Category: Documentary, History

One Royal Holiday 2020

When Anna offers a stranded mother and son shelter in a blizzard, she learns that they are the Royal Family of Galwick. Anna shows the Prince how they do Christmas in her hometown, encouraging him to open his heart and be true to himself.

Category: Christmas, Drama, romance, Romantic

Stars: Laura Osnes, Krystal Joy Brown, Tom McGowan

7.0 IMDB Rating 75 Views
The Secret Of Karma 2020

Real story about man who clinically died two times and become homeless while trying to film his experience. Movie saved by Aliens influence.

Category: Romantic

Stars: Mahulena Bocanová, Petra Buckova, Marcia Cross

6.5 IMDB Rating 103 Views
Holly & Ivy 2020

A contractor helps a woman renovate a house so she can adopt a sick neighbor's two children.

Category: Christmas, Drama, Family, romance, Romantic

Stars: Janel Parrish, Jeremy Jordan, Marisol Nichols

7.1 IMDB Rating 86 Views
Christmas Tree Lane 2020

Meg wants to save her neighborhood from getting demolished. She then discovers that Nate has other plans. Can she turn Nate's heart toward Christmas?

Category: Christmas, Comedy, Drama, Music

Stars: Alicia Witt, Andrew W. Walker, Drake Hogestyn

6.5 IMDB Rating 55 Views
Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing 2020

As Michelle's wedding approaches, Hannah steps up to help finish the launch of the new Evergreen museum while questioning her relationship and future with Elliot.

Category: Christmas, Drama, romance, Romantic

Stars: Rukiya Bernard, Antonio Cayonne, Holly Robinson Peete

5.8 IMDB Rating 51 Views
Powerbirds 2020–

Polly and Ace are 2 birds who are owned by Max, a superhero-loving 6 year old boy, but when he leaves for school, they become Powerbirds, superhero birds who use their numerous powers to stop animal villains from ruining the neighborhood.

Category: Animation, Family, Kids

Stars: Cory Doran, Tara Strong, Deven Christian Mack

8.1 IMDB Rating 426 Views
The Christmas Bow 2020

When an accident puts her music dreams on hold, a gifted violinist reconnects with an old family friend who helps her heal and find love during the holidays.

Category: Christmas, Drama, Music, romance, Romantic

Stars: Lucia Micarelli, Michael Rady, James Saito

6.7 IMDB Rating 65 Views
The Christmas House 2020

Working through some difficult decisions, a mother and father summon their two grown sons home for the holidays.

Category: Christmas, Drama, romance, Romantic

Stars: Robert Buckley, Ana Ayora, Treat Williams

6.0 IMDB Rating 78 Views
Operación Pacífico 2020

Inspired by real-life events, Amalia Ortega, a prominent and brilliant federal agent who leads an investigative unit for the national police.

Category: Action

Stars: Majida Issa, Mark Tacher, Klemen Novak

8.0 IMDB Rating 583 Views
Ghost Adventures: Horror at Joe Exotic Zoo 2020

Category: Documentary, Reality

Stars: Nick Mazzone

8.2 IMDB Rating 217 Views
Mystic Pop-up Bar 2020

A young man with an unique ability begins working for a centuries-old bar owner who resolves her customers' emotional troubles by entering their dreams.

Category: Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery

Stars: Hwang Jeong-eum, Yook Sung-jae, Choi Wonyoung

8.0 IMDB Rating 489 Views
Welcome to Sudden Death 2020

A security guard (ex special forces) brings his two kids to work at a basketball arena on the day, the governor, mayor, thousands of other spectators and 8 terrorists are there.

Category: Action, Adventure, Drama

Stars: Michael Jai White, Michael Eklund, Sabryn Rock, Nakai Takawira

4.2 IMDB Rating 394 Views
Expedition to the Edge 2020

A rag tag group of family and friends quickly learn the price of adventure when a voyage with friends unravels into a life-or-death crisis forcing all hands-on-deck.

Category: Adventure

Stars: Clemens Gabriel, Nico Edwards, Ayack Wanderer

7.4 IMDB Rating 596 Views
Cornwall Air 999 2020–

Documentary series giving an insight into the world of the helicopter pilots and paramedics providing critical care to the most seriously sick and injured people in Cornwall.

Category: Documentary

Stars: Dawn French

9.2 IMDB Rating 1,004 Views
The Last Ice 2020

The Inuk people of the north are divided between modern and traditional lifestyles and Canadian and Danish political systems. Those divides are becoming more pronounced due to the effects of a warming northern climate.

Category: Documentary

7.4 IMDB Rating 262 Views
My Holo Love 2020

A successful woman has inability to recognize faces and this interferes with her social life.

Category: Drama, romance, Romantic, Sci-Fi

Stars: Dahlia Salem, Lee Jeong-eun, Hwang Chan-sung

7.6 IMDB Rating 556 Views
Mars: One Day on the Red Planet 2020

An epic journey revealing the real Mars, as you've never seen it before. Using data from orbiters and rovers to build accurate views of the red planet and uncover its secrets. On a single circuit of Mars from dawn to dusk, encounter monster volcanoes, ancient lakes, alien ice-worlds and spacecraft crash sites. Explore humanity's Martian obsession, join the relentless search for life there, and hunt for a human home on the red planet's surface.

Category: Documentary

Stars: Carl Agee, Nigel Barber, John Callas

7.0 IMDB Rating 247 Views